Vertu Aster Yosegi Wood; Vertu to pursue tradition of innovative materials


The manufacturer of luxury phones Vertu combines Japanese traditional art, English know-how, innovation of materials and contemporary design to create a remarkably beautiful and complex product Aster Yosegi Wood.

Proposed as a limited edition, 50 copies only will be manufactured, Aster brings an ultimate fashion phone, crafts made hand, materials, exclusive service and advanced technology, while providing the ability to create his own telephone via Vertu customization service.

The Yosegi woodworking is a Japanese traditional marquetry practice that draws its sources 200 years ago during the culturally rich Japanese period called “Edo Period”.

Hutch Hutchison Director of Design, is the engine of innovation at Vertu, he works in collaboration with the R & D teams to use innovative materials and design through colours or different materials.
“For me the idea of using wood for this special edition is part of a natural progression: it is a luxurious, natural, material that can be easily worked and which perfectly meets our technical criteria, very bright, non-conductive, solid and resistant.”


There were still many difficulties to overcome in order to carry out this project Yosegi. “One of the biggest challenge to overcome with the use of wood Yosegi, is to find a supplier who can meet our need, work in partnership with us, a supplier who has the technical expertise and preserves the tradition of the craft to achieve the desired rendering.

Successfully apply wood Yosegi on a flat surface is one thing, but to adapt it to the curves of the phone, under the plate of titanium with a maximum thickness, is another story.

Aster Yosegi Wood , joined the Calf, ostrich, stingray, Python, Alligator and Quilt collection in the variants of Aster.

The limited edition Aster Yosegi Wood is available in selected shops among them Cannes store will also proposed Yosegi wood Aster from € 8,900.

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