The Tarte Tropézienne to celebrate its 60th birthday!


Sixty years ago, Alexander Micka created the famous sugar topped brioche with a subtle scented cream, that would be named Tarte Tropézienne upon suggestion of the not less iconic Brigitte Bardot, while starring in the film “Et Dieu Créa la Femme” in Saint Tropez

Since then, the Tarte Tropézienne, whose recipe is carefully kept secret for generations constantly keeps developing while reinventing the pastry with new creations even more succulent and original, among those the Éclair Tropézien, the Raspberry Tarte Tropézienne or the Baby Trop for the youngest to enjoy.

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In 1985, Albert Dufrêne succeeded Alexander Micka and is committed to preserve the trade secret and quality that make the success of the Tarte Tropézienne.

Now, mythical pastry with international reputation, the pie is the symbol of the art of living “made in St Tropez” that everyone should experience when step by the famous fishing port of Saint Tropez.

On the occasion of this 60th birthday, a book is being launched telling the story of the Tarte Tropézienne and releasing 15 recipes created by Pastry chefs among them Arnaud Donckele, Marc Veyrat or Ophélie Bares.

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