Re-designed Bourgie Lamp from Kartell – The Design shop by S*uce


The Design Shop by s*uce has been launched today at Downtown Design!

As announced previously, the collaboration between S*uce and Kartell sees a host of designers from the region including Khalid Shafar, Meera Huraiz, Nadine Kanso, Zayan Ghandour, Zainab Al Hashemi, Wael Hattar and Rana Salam lend their own interpretations to the lamp.

The creations are being displayed in the Design Shop during the fair.

Better than words, enjoy the Bourgie Lamp in its Middle East version !

Nadine Kanso writingRana SalamMeera Huraiz

 by Nadine KANSO                               by Rana SALAM                      by Meera HURAIZ

Tarsila SchubertWael HattarZayan Ghandour

 by Tarsila SCHUBERT                    by Wael HATTAR                  by Zayan GHANDOUR

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