John Taylor and Corcoran sign a strategic agreement


On December 2nd, Delphine Pastor, President of John Taylor Group and Pamela Liebman, Co-Chairman of the Corcoran Group signed an exclusive partnership agreement aiming at developing their network to meet the demand of excellence of their prospects.

Founded 150 years ago in Cannes, John Taylor, the leader prestige real estate agency on the French Riviera and Corcoran the 2nd luxury real estate group in the United States, recently signed an agreement enabling them to strengthen their international position.

Since 1864, John Taylor is very active on the luxury real estate sector. Since then, the brand has experienced a rapid expansion and has now become the reference of prestige real estate agency in France and around the world.

Indeed, it offers luxury properties for sale in more than 9 countries; From Switzerland to Qatar, United Kingdom, Italy and Mauritius, John Taylor strengthens its positions over time and can offer unique services to its demanding clients.

The partnership that John Taylor has signed with Corcoran, the 2nd most influential real estate agency in the United States is as much as strategic since it allows to target American sought-after region such as New York, the Hamptons and Florida.

Thus, the company takes benefits from a very advantageous positioning on the East Coast of the US continent.

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