Feedback from TFWA Cannes : Institut Karité Paris confirms buyers’ interest in the “So Wonderful” collection


Institut Karité Paris has presented during the TFWA in Cannes last october its “So wonderful” limited edition collection and has taken this opportunity to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

Highlights on Shea Butter Hands cream

To attract operators and buyers that has come in Cannes from around the world to look for brands increasingly innovative and likely to capture the attention of ever impatient travellers, Institut Karité Paris has relied on its best-selling Shea butter Hands Cream wisely proposed in three different fragrances, Rose, Almond and Honey and Lily of the Valley.

Institut Karité Paris, the first French brand whose products are all enriched in Shea butter, has proposed a limited edition collection named “So wonderful” enhanced with a fascinating story-telling through delicious floral perfumes. The brand has been successful and captured the interest of buyers thanks to a coherent offer for the travel retail market; identity, nomadic and easy-to-use, these products are destined to become ‘Must-have’.

Jungle paradise Coffret

coffret junle paradise

More generally, on top of non-fat formulations, Institut Karité Paris staged its innovations through creations that allow to offer consumers essential products at every opportunity as the latest Jungle Paradise Coffret having all the assets to become the best-seller in this Festive season!


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