Exceptional Christmas Circus at Hotel Métropole Monte-carlo


This year to celebrate Christmas and the New Year ’s Eve, the Hotel Métropole Monte-Carlo attires itself in red, white and gold.
The artist Miss Rose is creating a Christmas extravaganza setting her name to staging which will transport the lobby and Salon des Princes into the joyful whirl of the circus.

The various items of the decor installed in the hotel thus compose the backcloth for a shimmering Christmas dream: the Métropole Circus.
In the middle of the lobby, a cone 4 metres high, both a fir-tree and a Big Top, adorned with authentic circus accessories (skittles, hoops, clowns’ hats…).

In the Salon des Princes, three Christmas trees are accompanied by a mini circus ring with its menagerie of soft toys and an area for colouring books and letters to Santa Claus.
From lighting shedding the warm glow of vintage light-bulbs and festive colours, the Métropole has thought of everything.

Set in the heart of Monaco and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the Hotel Métropole Monte-Carlo was built in a Belle Époque Style. The property, a melange of classical architecture and contemporary design elements, has incomparable comfort with state-of-the art amenities and unparalleled service.
The elegant 126 rooms including 64 suites are all luxuriously designed by Jacques Garcia.


From the gastronomy side, the 4 restaurants, all managed by Joël Robuchon, offer a varied and unique culinary experience.

The famous yule log is also part of the circus show and will be decorated with festive and shimmering colours.

christmas circus 2

The festive season will be the ideal time to enjoy the luxurious facilities of the Hotel Métropole Monte-Carlo to spend an unforgettable festive season.

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