Diptyque to launch Oud Palao preview in United Arab Emirates


Diptyque, the French niche fragrance brand is announcing the launch preview of its new fragrance Oud Palao in UAE on September 15th.

Oud has made its entry into the brand catalogue thanks to Christiane Gautrot, the co-founder of diptyque alongside Desmond Knox-Lee and Yves Coustelant.

As an architect by training, Christine spent many years studying the Moroccan craft of zellige, the ceramic mosaics that decorate fountains, private and public spaces and walls.

She has designed many combining traditional and contemporary motifs, including some that can be seen today at the Hassan II mosque in Casablanca.

In the contrast between its geometric order and the chaos of the world, zellige encourages meditation and offers universal harmony.

The composition of perfume is governed by very similar principles, and for diptyque the correlation was striking; this approach to Arab heritage by a European artist has thus given birth to Oud Palao.

Oud palao is an oriental fragrance composed of Bulgarian rose adding sensuality to its organic character.

The Indian cypriol and Somalian olibanum come together to push the composition towards muted depth and resonance while Madagascan vanilla adds its spicy personality, similar to certain rums with an overtone of Tobacco.

Spanish cistus ladanifer and Indonesian patchouli, one amber and lightly floral, the other with sustained camphor notes, provide the opulence and density that make Oud Palao the great perfume it is proving itself to be.

Each essence blends into the tracery of its neighbours, forming motifs, repeating forms and vibratos

Selected by the perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin, its creator, the raw materials are all sourced from producers who demonstrate the strictest respect for the environment and their staff.

oud palao 2

Oud Palao will be available in the Diptyque Boutique in the Dubai Mall

Eau de parfum 75ml – AED 535

Candle 190 g – AED 240

Set Eau de parfum 75ml and Candle 190 g – AED 750

Available exclusively in United Arab Emirates from September 15, 2015

Worldwide launch in October 2015

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