CHANEL presents Rouge Noir Absolument Collection


Red and black, the bold blend

Since its creation in 1995, 20 years ago, Rouge Noir has claimed its place as a cult nail polish, season after season. But until now, it had never been endowed with its very own collection. For the Holiday 2015 makeup collection, the CHANEL Makeup Creation Studio gives Rouge Noir the seat of honour. The spirit of Rouge Noir meets that of the festive season, adding a mysterious aura to a hypnotizing collection.

The Complexion

Joues Contrastes Lumières 12 Coups de Minuit illuminates cheekbones with a halo of light. The soft and intangible texture of this peach beige highlighter catches the light and accentuates contours for a dazzling effect. The complexion is translucent and simply radiant.

The Eyes

Rouge Noir meets Illusion d’Ombres for the first time. The affinity between the incredibly deep colour and the modern, sophisticated eyeshadow is self-evident. The sensorial cream texture with its garnet red intensity slips into iridescent shimmers for an electrifying radiance effect in a particularly luminous version. Daring women will readily try sensual and irresistible lamé smoky eyes.

The shock of volume finds its ultimate expression with Rouge Noir. Deep garnet shimmers enhance intense black.

Le crayon Yeux

An intense tone-on-tone line of LE CRAYON KHÔL Rouge Noir infuses eye makeup with an extra touch of depth and perfection. For a touch of light, LE CRAYON YEUX Or Safran revisits the radiance of golden tones in a singular spicy shade in line with the spirit of the collection.

The Lips Rouge Allure

Whether satiny or velvet, intense lipstick by CHANEL takes on extra vibrancy during festive evenings. ROUGE ALLURE Vaporeuse shakes up the innocence of pink with a hint of parma violet shimmers for a romantic pout.

Rouge Allure Velvet La Merveilleuse, a deep raspberry red, dresses lips in an intense, audacious and sensual colour, exalted by the velvet, matte and luminous texture.

The Nails

The Rouge Noir adventure all started with Le Vernis. It is now the star of the Holiday make up collection, which turns the spotlight on nails. For this special collection, Le Vernis Rouge Noir indulges in a limited edition and a festive outfit. The legendary colour decorates the sides of the onter carton and leaves its mark on the double C on top of the lacquered black cap.


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