Cavalli charms Dubai audience during 2014 Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience


Fashion Talks at Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience also presents unique learnings for emerging designers to make their mark in the industry

Last week, renowned fashion designer Roberto Cavalli left a Dubai audience charmed by his remarkable candour and infectious enthusiasm.

Full praise for Dubai, citing it as the ‘city of the future’ for the fashion world, Cavalli was to discuss about his passion for denim at the Fashion Talks, the exclusive series of lectures held as part of the second Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience, organised by Emaar Properties and Vogue Italia pictured below.

Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience - Press Conference

The Q&A event, from the word go, became a session scripted entirely by Cavalli, as he deflected questions on his rise in prominence as a world-renowned designer and s ared delightful anecdotes on his love for denim, the celebrities he love to work for and even those who make him nervous.

“Denim means freedom,” declared Cavalli, before detailing how denim can be integrated into fashionable wear for every occasion. He said that his own fashion ethos is defined by “trying to understand what a woman wants and to help make them beautiful.”

An ideal design thus becomes one that “changes the life” of the customer. To him, therefore, “fashion is positive.”

Cavalli shared his experiences of designing for Jennifer Lopez and associating with Victoria Beckham and Mary J Blige, and how he has dressed the world’s celebrities for a myriad of occasions. He said that his muse is always the “women I admire,” and singled out Franca Sozzani, the editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia.

“Franca is the queen of my planet fashion and for her to be here in Dubai (for Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience) is special for the city and makes it the city of the future (for fashion),” Cavalli said.

He said that there are several celebrities who make him nervous to this day, in terms of the challenge of designing for them. He cited Julia Roberts, Al Pacino and Robert de Niro, before sharing stories of his meetings with them.

His advice for young fashion designers was simple: “Bring new ideas. Be different. Take risks.”

Below pictures the creation of young designers having participated to Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience 2014 :

Fashion by Asudari Studio by Lamia Asudari from Saudi Arabia, Fashion by Christopher Esber from Australia,Fashion by Madiya Al Sharqi from the UAE

Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience - Runway Show Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience - Runway Show Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience - Runway Show

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