Belvedere Vodka ; Polish heritage back on the French Riviera


Like every year, the Polish premium vodka imprinted with 6 centuries of know-how and polish traditions, will be staged in all the most beautiful places on the French Riviera on the occasion of the Cannes International Film Festival in May. From the Carlton, to the Baoli and  Baoli beach, Gotha and Club Costes by Albane, you would be able to taste the delicious original cocktails of the brand.

belvedere-vodka-collectionvodka belvedere

The development of the Belvedere vodka is based on the alliance of a cereal with strong character, gold rye from Dankowskie and 100% pure water coming from the own artesian wells of the brand.

Meaning ‘Nice-to-see’, the inherent qualities of the Belvedere vodka unveil over the tasting a bouquet of aromas, combining smoothness, softness and fullness.

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